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What is nolotiro.org?
It is a web site where you can offer stuff you don't need anymore so other people who need it can get it for free.

Read the frecuently asked questions to know more details about the philosophy and goals of the project

Advantages of nolotiro.org:
The big advantage of nolotiro.org, is that replace the nostalgy/feelings of dumping for the feeling of making something for someone. You can get rid off that stuff you don't dump it because you feel sad, or because it was new, or because just were getting dusty. On the other hand, nolotiro.org is organized by geographical zones encouraging that your stuff stays in your zone without shipping costs, couriers, etc.

Please, be aware:
THERE IS NO EXCHANGE OPTION, this is not based on exchange, nor buying, because we want to encourage altruism, give stuff for free, because we don't need it.

Throw-away society

nolotiro.org works thank to the effort of many people who have developed the following open source software: Ruby On Rails, PostgreSQL, Yahoo YQL, Postfix, Ubuntu, Nginx, and many more, so many that is not possible to name then here.

The source code of nolotiro.org is open code and it is avaialble to be used under (Affero GPL 3 license).
Visit website for developers to get more details.
Contributors are welcome to develope or translate this site in other languajes.