What is the goal of this project?

The fundamental purpose of this website is to get rid of items you no longer use and hinder you at home.

But this web is to help other people, isn't it?

First asking you directly get rid of those things you no longer want, and always to give something implicitly. It is best to approach it selfishly and control the cause-effect relationship that will trigger giving. If we approach the act of giving objects from a selfish perspective, getting rid of useful things that are bothering us and will end up in the trash, we'll always we have a good experience, not expecting anything more to get rid of those objects. And knowing that someone is giving profit use or enhance the experience as positive. In other words: the act of giving things of value or useful is always a positive thing if we do not expect a moral reward or appease our conscience.

But, I would like to give my stuff as a present to someone who really need it

On this website you have absolute power over the decision of who, where and when you give away your valuables. Of course the ideal is to give something to the person who most need it. Not misunderstand the way we use the word selfishness here. But to know if the person you're going to give an object deserves it is a very difficult task, and fosters a type of behavior that lead to bad experiences and value judgments that can do great damage.

Is it true that some people sell the stuff given by free in this site?

Yes, some people do sell the stuff they get here. But it doesn't matter if your focus is to get rid of things you don't want (the selfish one). If you gave away objects because you didn't know what to do with them, you've done well, and that object has returned to the world of useful things, saving money and energy, generating wealth (although very little, it's wealth). However, the ultimate decision about who receives your present is exclusively yours. So apply any criteria you feel confortable with.

What kind of ads can i publish on this site?

There are only 2 kinds of ads: The Gift, which offer items that will hinder or no longer want to have. And the want ads, which serve to provide clues and inspire people about what kind of objects you want to use or possess other people. change ads, sale, asking for money from employment, trade, drugs etc. are not allowed. they are deleted as soon as it detects a moderator, publish repeatedly if unwanted ads, you can proceed to block the user's account.

Is it not allowed to exchange objects? thats weird

Barter is a system that works very well in physical format, that is, two people face to face, seeing objects and speaking live. But internet barter is very likely to end in deception or dissatisfaction and endless discussions. In addition, here objects are given without conditions and barter is the conditioning of the quid pro quo, ie. Tu me give and I give you anything like it.

Can I send things to people who do not live in my city?

Surprisingly many people do, and there's nothing wrong with that shipments are made, but must have a minimum of caution with the seriousness of the receiver have been cases where someone of good faith has made paying shipping costs and then has a result that has returned the package. Ideally, do not, should be encouraged to circulate objects as close as possible, saving energy, and can serve to get to know the people of your city. Hope that in the new version, we have focused a local concept is achieved. think globally.

Can I give away animals?

No. Animals are not objects that can be "thrown away" or "recycled" so they fall outside of the scope of nolotiro. They are living beings, capable of suffering and should therefore be subject to much stricter controls about in which hands they fall.

Can I get a house, a car or a motorbike through nolotiro?

No. According to our experience, this kind of presents are always scams, so we'd rather forbid those. Either way, transactions in nolotiro must be "money free" and in order to transfer titularity of those objects, a gift tax must be paid. As a result, even though a present was legit it couldn't possibly be accepted.